Serdar-ı Ekrem 31

Serdar-ı Ekrem 31 consists of five apartments and one office space over five floors. The one and two-bedroom apartments range in size from 50m² to 110m² while the office on the ground floor measures 95m². Each spacious flat is bedecked with original wooden flooring throughout, modern Vitra tiled bathrooms and the most up to date Arçelik appliances. Serdar-ı Ekrem 31 was partially renovated and restored by NOA and benefits from an insulated roof and walls, original wooden staircases, authentic entrance tiles and a fully-restored façade. The top floor apartment includes a terrace.


Features and Amenities

  • CCTV security cameras
  • Visual intercom
  • Arçelik appliances
  • Satellite and cable TV infrastructure
  • Original wooden flooring
  • Vitra bathrooms

The Area

Originally constructed by the Genoese, the Galata area of the Beyoğlu has been strongly influenced by its European settlers over the years. When 19th century travelers spoke of Constantinople as the Paris of the East, they were referring to the Grande Rue de Péra (İstiklal Caddesi) and its half-European, half-Asian culture. Setting off from Taksim Square, the hub of modern İstanbul, the tramway cars still rattle along İstiklal Caddesi to Tünel Square just as they did in the old times. Part of the Beyoğlu district, Galata has maintained its strong cosmopolitan atmosphere.
Serdar-ı Ekrem 31 can be found just off İstiklal Caddesi, directly opposite the famous Doğan Apartment. It is one of the most beautifully-renovated buildings in this upwardly mobile cosmopolitan cross-section of Galata and Tünel. Among some of the most beautiful and historic houses of İstanbul and minutes from the area’s street cafés, restaurants and colourful local markets Serdar-ı Ekrem 31 is also close to the Tünel underground station.

Technical Details

  • Water insulation of all terraces and roofs has been provided by bolt and/or membrane type materials.
  • Heat insulation of roofs has been provided by DOW polyurethane sheets.
  • Interior doors were repaired and preserved.
  • Exterior doors were renovated and preserved.
  • Wooden staircase was renovated and preserved.
  • Square flooring tiles at the entrance were preserved.
  • Woodwork in the halls has been renovated.
  • Exterior facing panels were renovated.
  • The rear elevation panels were replaced by aluminum ones.
  • Entrance and hallways: Existing woodwork was renovated. Defective and missing parts were replaced with 1st quality kiln-dried pine wood flooring.
  • Kitchen: Renovated using Vitra ceramics.
  • Bathrooms: Renovated using Vitra ceramics.
  • Living room: Existing woodwork was renovated.
  • Bedrooms: 1st class block parquet flooring was used.
  • Terraces: Renovated using 1st class Vitra ceramics.
  • Ceilings in all rooms have plastic paint.
  • Toilets, bidets, sinks and tiles are 1st class Vitra.
  • Fixtures are Vitra Artema Series.
  • Entrance and hallways: Satin over gypsum plaster and plastic paint over finishing coat.
  • Kitchen: Plastic paint, 1st class Vitra ceramics consistent with the design of the counters.
  • Bathrooms: 1st class Vitra ceramics were used.
  • Living rooms: Renovated using Vitra ceramics.
  • Bedrooms: Satin over gypsum plaster and plastic paint over finishing coat.
  • Kitchen cabinets are lacquered over MDF
  • Furnished with Arçelik home appliances: washing machine, dishwasher, refrigerator, microwave and cooker.
  • Sinks are Teka brand.
  • Sockets and light switches are Artema brand.
Mechanical installation
  • Individual flats are equipped with natural gas heating “combi” boiler
  • Sanitary installations installed in accordance with the project design, specifications and standards.
  • Heating is provided by aluminum radiators.
Electrical installations
  • Electrical installations were completed in accordance with the project design, specifications and standards.
  • Each flat has two telephone lines. Each room has access to a telephone line.
  • All sockets are Viko or Metesan brand.
  • Turksat, Hotbird and Digiturk satellite antenna systems have been installed.
  • All bedrooms and livingrooms have access to satellite antenna system.
  • Electric meters are digital.
  • Grounding system is provided for the whole building in accordance with the project design specifications.
  • Each apartment flat is equipped with image diaphone system.
  • CCTV system available.
  • Each apartment flat is equipped with fire detectors.